Understanding Office 365 Technical Support

December 29, 2021 | Blog
Office 365 Support

In the past, Microsoft Office was only sold as boxed software which you typically bought from a local electronics store and manually installed on your PC. Over the last several years, Microsoft, like many other software companies, have switched to cloud and subscription based models for their software. Whether for the office or at home, more people are installing cloud-based productivity apps for their ease of use and collaboration functions. But even with convenience comes technical issues. In this blog post, we explore Office 365, the tech support that comes with it and lack thereof, and where we can fill the holes. 

What is Office 365?


Office 365 is a cloud-based version of its traditional Microsoft 365 counterpart. The online version offers different cloud based apps that include Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and others. You can purchase the entire suite or just buy the ones you need. Office 365 offers two types of individual plans; a personal plan for a single user or a home plan designed for up to six family members. Microsoft also offers several business plans for companies depending on workforce needs. 

Office 365 Advantages 


The great thing about the Office 365 apps is that they come with more features, such as increased file storage and access to Sharepoint, for file sharing and collaboration. Your files live in the Cloud, so anyone you share a file with can access and edit it in real time, regardless of their location. For example, if you input data on a spreadsheet for a future family trip, all of your family members shared on that file can jump in the document to make changes, which reflects on their screens in real time. Office 365 also receives more security updates and bug fixes than the traditional Microsoft Suite, which reflects on the apps across all of your devices. 

Office 365 Technical Support


Microsoft offers different levels of technical support based on the Office 365 plan you purchase, whether it’s personal, home or business. According to its support page, if you are having issues with your apps and need technical support, Office 365 support primarily only covers “break-fix” issues, which are technical problems you experience while using the cloud-based apps. 


However, Office 365 technical support does not cover issues that fall outside of app functionality, which include: 


  • Onsite support 
  • Investigating the root cause of issue 
  • Data recovery
  • Writing, reviewing, debugging customer code and developer support for Office Add-ins, Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Access, or Publisher.
  • Ensuring third-party products or hardware work correctly with 365 apps 
  • Extensive troubleshooting of performance issues
  • Extensive troubleshooting when a product stops responding or crashes 
  • Customer proposals for product features 


How My Computer Works Supports Office 365

For the above issues that Microsoft can’t help you with, that’s where My Computer Works comes in. We can make sure the Office 365 apps run smoothly on your devices and integrate with your device other third party apps seamlessly. Whether you’re setting up Office 365 on your personal, home or business network- we make migrating to cloud-based software easy. Our expert consultants can set up Office 365 and offer ongoing support whenever you need it. Call My Computer Works to learn how we can help.

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