Virus Updates

What Is RansomWare?

Multiple viruses can be encrypted onto your computer, but there is a certain type that holds all of your computer files for ransom. So the biggest question is, what is Ransomware? Ransomware is malicious software that cyber criminals use to hold your computer or...

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Stop Email Hacks

Email is a world wide form of communication, so happens if this source of communication was hacked? This article is going to break down what hacking an email involves, debunk many of the myths that surround the hacking community, and how to prevent and stop email...

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Computer Virus Myths

Our tech support has been in the computer repair business for many years now. In that time, we have noticed many myths about computer viruses that continue to be considered common knowledge. The strongest protection against computer viruses is knowledge of how they...

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If “Microsoft” Called Then You Got Scammed!

Many people call into our tech support company and explain that they were called by "Microsoft." If this has happened to you, than you got scammed! Prevent and stop the scammers from going any further. How to Notice if you are about to be scammed: Microsoft will not...

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