What is Parler

December 23, 2020 | Blog
What is parler

You may have heard it in the news or on social media sites like Facebook. Parler is a micro-blogging site that functions identical to Twitter. Parler was launched in 2018 as a response to frequent and highly publicized suppression of information by Twitter.

How was Twitter allegedly suppressing information? It was alleged they used a combination of tactics including shadow banning. This practice would effectively give Twitter the benefit of monetizing a user but giving the user no ability to be seen on Twitter. If true, many would argue this is a breach of implied contract on Twitters part. If you the user are providing economic benefit to the organization who in turn is not providing their platform benefits to you that would create this scenario.

More aggressive tactics included blocking links to tier 1 media outlets and disabling their accounts for posting on the premise of ‘community standard’. Some have argued this effectively made Twitter a publisher and not exempt or legally shielded by Section 230. (The code that makes social media, search engines, other sites immune from liability for content posted by third-parties.)

In comes Parler

If you go to Parler.com you can create your own micro-blogging account and begin sharing your thoughts, images, news items, and connect with like minded people. So far the platform has vowed not to suppress or control that content so long as it is legal. A call to action that millions of people have taken a liking to.

In addition to no content suppression Parler has promised not to share or sell your data. (Fair warning anything published online is technically accessible by anyone with the right tools. So by using Parler or any other social media site you are exposing published information to data-harvesting operations.)

That said if you want to try something new because you no longer agree with big-tech Parler is one of hundreds of options for alternative social media platforms. It’s still small relative to many others but growing.

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