Why Do I Need Data Backup?

February 10, 2021 | Blog
Data back-up

Why Do I Need Data Backup?

Any size company, or any person for that matter, can lose their data.  If you don’t yet have a solid plan to keep your data safe, there are three things you should consider:

  1. All humans make errors, yes even you.
  2. All computer system hardware will eventually fail.
  3. Disasters happen and they are never planned.

In the event of any of the above situations, you need to have your data backed-up already running and accessible for recovery.

Why is Data Backup and Recovery so Important?

Data loss happens all the time.  You may have been able to avoid the inevitable but the longer you use your computer the more likely that Murphy’s law will step in.

The most common causes of loss of data are human error, employee or competitor theft, or physical failure to computers. Floods, fires, and spilled drinks are just as likely to cause the problem.

A lot of these are risks that a local drive won’t solve. Even they can be lost, stolen, damaged, or fail.

Let’s not forget that expensive ransomware hacks that are now common. So all it takes is any missed step and your data may be gone or cost you an absolute fortune to recover.

What to do about it?

Using a fully-secure, remote, and restorable back-up service can save you the pain and suffering of trying to recreate your hard work from scratch.

We have analyzed dozens of ways in which to effectively protect your data. This is the best as it eliminates virtually all of the current pitfalls in local data back-up. It doesn’t matter if your hardware fails, is stolen, or gets washed into a flood. Your data is securely stored in a cloud environment online.

The friendly technicians at My Computer Works help people set-up and configure online data-back up solutions all the time. We have also been answering the call for recovery when it comes. Our goal has always been to give people a go-to guru for their technology issues and a piece of mind.  Data back-up by My Computer Works does both.

Give us a call today (800) 935-6704 to get started. We can help you completely online from the comfort of your own home.

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