Why Remote IT Support Makes Sense for Small Businesses

June 1, 2023 | Blog
Why Remote IT Support Makes Sense for Small Businesses

More than anyone, small business owners understand that time is money. In fact, a “lack of time” is one of the top five challenges cited by small business owners, according to a recent Walden University report.

That lack of time means small business owners need to choose — are they working on their business or in their business?

It is with that common truth in mind that small business owners should look to offload responsibilities that take up time they just don’t have to give, beginning with IT support. Troubleshooting IT-related issues can distract from other priorities, and setting up new IT connections can do the same. Remote IT support, designed specifically for small businesses, is one way to minimize the cost of time lost. 

Here are a few reasons why remote IT support for small businesses offers cost-effective solutions for technical challenges. 

Expert advice is important. Cyberattacks increased by 38% in 2022, according to data released by Security Magazine. And those attacks don’t discriminate across industries or regions. When an attack occurs, and data is compromised, small business owners need to be able to respond and protect themselves with speed. Remote IT support, like that offered at My Computer Works, gives small businesses access to experts who have experience with malware and ransomware and know how to get systems back online and secure. 

Efficiency is valuable. Remote IT support allows small business owners to create valuable efficiencies that actually save money in the long run. By contracting out IT support, small business owners save on the costs associated with bringing a staff member, or a team, onboard full-time. Remote IT support also simplifies and streamlines IT management, knowing an external team that acts as an extension of an internal team is prepared to respond to whatever challenges are encountered. 

Customized solutions available. While small businesses may encounter similar challenges, each individual business experiences unique obstacles when it comes to technology. As a business grows, it may require more support setting up and maintaining distributed sites. Meanwhile, other businesses may require support managing IT functionality that keeps everything running smoothly, from internal processes to customer-facing platforms. With remote IT support from My Computer Works, small businesses have the opportunity to customize the type of support they need. 

Responsiveness when it counts. Small business owners who don’t employ an IT support staff member or team internally have a few options when they eventually, and inevitably, encounter a technical problem that requires support. They can try to figure it out themselves. They can get in line with the support team for whatever element of equipment, software or hardware isn’t working properly. Or, they can work with a remote IT support team that prioritizes their needs and responds to the issue with the urgency it requires. As an added bonus, a remote IT support team doesn’t take vacation time, so there is never a time when support isn’t available. 

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