Windows 11 Upgrade Challenges Exist For A Reason

July 1, 2022 | Blog
Windows 11

Microsoft released its latest operating system, Windows 11, in the fall of 2021. According to reports, eligible devices have been downloading the upgrade at a clip that is two times the rate of the Windows 10 upgrade.

But, not every Microsoft user has been able to download and install it. 


As is the case with many tech issues, workarounds have been developed and published across a variety of sites, encouraging different techniques or maneuvers users can utilize to manually install the new operating system. Some call for the adjustment of security settings, while others give a step-by-step guide on how to sidestep features that have been designed to protect a computer from unauthorized access. 


But, if you are considering venturing into those waters to install Windows 11, we strongly advise against it. 


If you’re experiencing challenges while trying to upgrade to Windows 11, there’s a good reason: It’s just not meant for you. And by “you,” we mean your computer. 


At My Computer Works, we are well aware that the Windows 10 operating system was supposed to last for the “lifetime” of a device. However, “lifetime” is a subjective term, since computer manufacturers aren’t interested in building devices that last longer than five years. That kind of longevity doesn’t bode well for a business model where success equals growth.


A “lifetime,” in computer-speak, refers to the length of time an operating system will receive support from its original equipment manager (OEM), such as Dell or HP. In other words, it doesn’t refer to the actual length of time a computer may be operational. 


That said, as frustrating as it may be to hear, computers that can’t download the Windows 11 upgrade likely aren’t supposed to. Upgrades aren’t supposed to be challenging.


Our best advice for anyone who wants to specifically use the Windows 11 system, as experts who deal with operating system updates on a regular basis, is to purchase a new computer that comes with Windows 11 installed. Computers that come with Windows 11 installed also come equipped with the drivers that are needed to support it. 


Users that force the installation of an unsupported operating system will face neverending problems that, quite frankly, can never be fixed. We’ve seen it. 


In all honesty, just because a new operating system exists doesn’t mean every user needs it. As long as the operating system in use is still being supported, there’s no real reason to upgrade — especially if you have to force it, creating an unstable and unsafe situation.


For those who have upgraded to Windows 11 without issue, and may be having difficulty navigating its new features, we do our best to help our clients become acclimated to their new operating system landscape. A program called Start 11 helps. 


As experts in the field, we would suggest seeking professional guidance if a system upgrade is giving you trouble. It’s possible you’re asking the computer to do something it’s unable to do.


In that case, we’d be happy to assess your current needs and help you find a new computer that best fits the way you use it. 


Contact us to learn more about how our computer experts can offer you ongoing support for any issues you’re experiencing!

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