Yahoo Yodels Your Account info

October 3, 2016 | Blog

Well maybe not Yodels, but technology giant Yahoo may have let your account information out into the wild.  What does that mean to you?  Thanks to the Yahoo hack, nothing good.


The Bad News

According to one Insider, a former Yahoo Executive, it could be twice as bad as originally reported in regards to affected users. Up to 1 Billion users data may be at risk. Apparently all of Yahoo’s products use one main user database to authenticate users. When you log into your Yahoo Mail, Finance, or Sports and enter a username and password, it then goes to this one central place to ensure they are legitimate, allowing them access.  This is the information Yahoo let go of.

So the bad news is that your username and password are like compromised. It also may mean that even your security questions are compromised as well.

What to do

First change your password.  Second, update your security questions.  The next step, any website that you used Yahoo information to log into, change those as well. See this article about password security:

Of course you can always call My Computer Works to assist you with making those changes.  We wont be able to tell if your information was compromised but we can help prevent further fallout.

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