Scammers on Facebook have found yet another workaround for creating phishing schemes intended to snag your personal information. Like-farming isn’t a term used regularly, but it’s an act that might keep you from ‘like-ing’ everything you see on Facebook. Similar to Catfishing, like-farming scammers will publish an attention grabbing Facebook post asking for ‘likes’ to “get a new Galaxy S7” or “look at my adorable kitten!”. Once these scammers have reached enough ‘likes’, they will then change the content of the original post and include malicious malware downloads. Unfortunately, now that you’ve ‘liked’ said post, you’re helping circulate the virus. Fox News - Like-Farming warns users to be cautious about their Facebooking practices; just because you like cute kittens doesn’t mean you should ‘like’ them on a random Facebook account. Stick to who you know, not what you know.


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