4 Reasons Why Regular Software Updates Are Important

April 6, 2023 | Blog

The internet is very much a Wild West landscape, despite being around for decades now. As new programs are developed with a hope of making life easier, from AI to social media apps, so too are new malicious actors trying to seize on security deficiencies.


It is estimated that more than a billion malware programs are floating around and 560,000 new malware programs are detected daily. In fact, a staggering four companies fall victim to malware attacks every minute, according to statistics. 


Those numbers, and the frequency and proximity of potential attacks, represent just one reason why computer users should recognize the importance of regular software updates. At the very least, software updates generally come equipped with more robust security as developers continue to improve and fine tune products to protect against viruses and malware.


As it turns out, security might be the biggest reason why it’s important to update software on a regular basis. We’ll go over all of the reasons below.


Security. At the risk of beating a deafening drum, security truly is an undeniable reason why computer users need to regularly update their software programs. Antivirus programs and VPNs may receive updates along the way that are designed to better detect and combat viruses and malware as they evolve. Malicious actors and security applications play a cat and mouse game, and as a computer user who doesn’t want data compromised, it’s important to stay ahead of it as much as possible. 


Performance. Software updates often create a better user experience by improving computer functionality and offering solutions for glitches that may cause programs to crash. Regular software updates allow for improved compatibility, provides users access to new features and leads to less downtime caused by program bugs. 


Longevity. Users who update their software programs on a regular basis will extend the lifespans of their devices by minimizing their exposure to potentially hazardous viruses and bugs. In addition, that commitment to software updates improves a device’s efficiency, which reduces energy usage and will very likely reduce costs associated with maintenance and repairs. 


Ease of use. Glitches and bugs and computers that just don’t work right are frustrating. Fixing the problem is time consuming. And, sometimes it can be costly. To avoid preventable headaches, it’s best to make good practice of regularly updating your software. A minimal investment of time now could prevent a sizable loss of time in the future. 


So, take the time to update the programs you use on all of your devices. This includes operating systems like Windows, programs designed specifically for Apple and Android products, creative applications like Adobe and gaming consoles. 


And, just don’t put it off. 


Statistics indicate that just 54% of computer users take the time to do software updates, and of those, nearly two-thirds of the users chose to delay initiating the update. The importance of regular software updates can’t be understated, especially if security and a smooth user experience are priorities. 


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