Fixes For 5 Common Computer Issues

January 25, 2024 | Blog

Computers are supposed to make life, and work, easier. They’re supposed to get us to websites, allow us to shop, help us process reports and just…always work. Of course, sometimes they don’t do any of those things. 


Computers are vulnerable to viruses, they lose WiFi connectivity, and they sometimes decide to go extremely slow — prompting a need for computer repair or at-home computer fixes. Luckily, resources are available for the most common computer issues. Here’s a look at a few.


Virus and Malware Infections + Protection


Every month, more than 6,000 new malware viruses are unleashed. Industry data indicates that about one-third of computers worldwide have experienced a virus or malware infection, some more than once. 


The best way to rid and protect a computer from viruses and malware is to install software that provides protection from infections. At My Computer Works we recommend Windows Defender, which is preinstalled on all Windows PCs. In addition to that we also recommend Malwarebytes Antimalware for additional proactive protection. 


Regardless of which software you choose to install.  It will scan your device for the infection, remove it if possible, and continue to proactively protect the computer into the future to varying levels of effectiveness.


Slow Computer Issues


Like a hose with a kink in it, when computers run slow, their reduced working capacity really impacts their ability to perform. To remedy the situation, check to see if all drivers, programs and operating systems are up to date. Once needed updates are implemented, restart the computer and open only the apps that are necessary for the work being done. 


It also helps to delete unused or unneeded files to free up space and allow the computer to run faster. In addition, one of the easiest ways to ensure your computer isn’t slowed down unnecessarily is to periodically restart your computer. Restarting your PC now often will help improve performance and help you avoid annoying lag. 


Printer Not Connecting


Computer problems can sometimes be a printer issue, particularly with the popularity of wireless printers. And printer problems can be infuriating, especially because they only make themselves known when a printer is being used — meaning, something needs to be printed. For wireless printers, it’s important to make sure the printer isn’t out of range of the WiFi, and it’s vital to ensure that the WiFi connection is strong. Once those boxes are checked, it’s best to unplug and restart the printer, check cables if it’s a wired connection, uninstall and reinstall the printer, make sure the latest driver is installed, and make sure the printer is “online” — according to Microsoft. 


Power Supply Problems


If a computer won’t turn on, there’s a chance it is dealing with a power supply problem. It’s best to check the viability of the power strip it is plugged into, and if that is working properly, it might be time to turn your attention to the adapter or outlet being used. There’s a chance a new one is needed. 


Internet Connectivity Issues


If a computer is having trouble connecting to the internet, there are a few steps to take to try and resolve the problem. It’s important to start by checking the physical connections before restarting the router, if you’re able to. After that, check to make sure the area isn’t experiencing an internet outage. Make sure WiFi settings are turned to “on,” and check to see if any software problems may be interfering with connectivity. 


If computer problems aren’t resolved after trying the DIY computer fixes on your own, it’s best to consult with an IT expert or computer repair company. At My Computer Works, our team of experts deals with these and other common computer problems every day. We’re happy to troubleshoot any problems that arise!


Now you know more about the common computer issues people face and why anti-virus software is important to have installed on your PC. If you need assistance with purchasing and installing antivirus software like Malwarebytes you can speak with us at My Computer Works. 

We can help you get a deal on this software and ensure it’s providing the protection it should. So what are you waiting for? Simply, contact us here to learn more about how our computer experts can offer you ongoing support for any issues you’re experiencing!

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