6 Tips To Unleash Optimal Performance

September 8, 2023 | Blog

Computer users live in a digital era of immediacy, where packages are ordered and delivered in two days and streaming networks allow for on-demand viewing. That kind of responsiveness fuels expectations of speed for other areas of life, including using a computer for every day tasks. 

So, computers that aren’t running at optimal speeds can be frustrating. And, our reliance on computers for work and leisure means we need them to perform at their highest levels at all hours of the day. 

But, how do you improve performance to achieve uninterrupted performance, without frustrating slowdowns and lags? There are ways. Here are a few suggestions. 

Clear cookies. Even though cookies don’t take up too much space individually on a computer, when compiled over time, they can accumulate and affect computing performance. So, it’s best to clear a computer’s cookies and its cache every so often — but especially when a computer isn’t performing its best.

Prioritize router usage. There are steps that can be taken to prioritize which devices can utilize network bandwidth, particularly useful in homes where multiple people share one network to work, game and stream. Individual routers have their own process for establishing Quality of Service (QoS), or prioritizing bandwidth, but this process could improve reliability and consistency when a network is lagging or running slow.

Establish a wired connection. Although wireless connections for devices seem to be preferred these days, it makes sense to utilize a wired connection for desktops and other devices that may get the most traffic and require the most stable, reliable performance. A wired connection maintains consistent speeds and won’t be bogged down by unexpected, wireless traffic. 

Use an ad blocker. Not only do ad blockers prevent annoying pop-up ads from appearing and slowing down an online experience, but they also keep potentially hazardous adware and malware at bay. Ad blockers simply keep ads from infiltrating webpages, which can slow down a page’s performance and add frustration to the user experience. 

Close background programs. Sometimes, without even knowing it, programs can be running in the background of a phone or computer. And those programs can impact the device’s performance by slowing it down. Be sure to close out background programs when they’re not in use to make sure a device can perform at an optimal level — without its own digital distractions. 

Run a speed test. Speed tests are helpful because they let users understand how their connection is performing compared to what an internet service provider promises. There are a number of reasons why a connection may be underperforming, but if it isn’t related to the computer itself it could be linked to weather in the area or some other service disruption. Speedtest.net is a good place to start. 

Still having trouble with performance even after these tips? Reach out to our team. We’d be happy to work with you to get your computer performing at its highest potential.

Contact us to learn more about how our computer experts can offer you ongoing support for any issues you’re experiencing!

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