Best iPhone Apps of 2018

March 13, 2018 | Mobile

Now-a-days, you can literally say, “there’s an app for that”. For the most part, everywhere you go on the web has an app version that makes it compatible to your smartphone.

My Computer Works has put together a list of the best iPhone apps of 2018! If you want to learn how to install these, give us a call at 877-629-6972!

Photo Editing

  • Facetune
    • This is a paid app, but is considered to be the best on the market for your basic photo editing needs. You can drastically alter any photo by changing the shape of something or changing its color. It is like having a professional photo editing software in your pocket!
  • Enlight
    • This editing app is for the creative type. Enlight allows you to transform your photos into images that look like they came straight out of a science fiction novel.

Money Management and Payments

  • Venmo
    • Venmo is an app that allows you to put money right into someone else’s pocket with just a click of a button. It is a secure app that uses your banking information to send money from your phone. You can use it to pay a certain individuals, and even some retail stores.
  • Splitwise
    • This app keeps track of your debts owed among your friend group. This was designed with college kids in mind, but can be used by anyone. This app runs seamlessly with either Paypal or Venmo so these debts can be settled at anytime!
  • Mint
    • Do you want to be better about the way you spend money? The Mint app will do it for you. It takes time to set up, but it will monitor all your money transactions to help you set up your own personal budget.

Health and Fitness

  • Zombies, Run!
    • Are you tired of the same old boring ways to workout? This app incorporates intense zombie chases to get you through your daily run! You’ll be able to “collect supplies” and avoid a herd of zombies just by running around your area.
  • My Fitness Pal
    • If you need to be held accountable during your diet and workout plans, this is the app for you. It allows you log all of your meals and workouts throughout a day, set goals for yourself, and sends words of encouragement.
  • Daily Yoga
    • If you’re just testing the waters with Yoga, this app allows you to get free music and poses everyday to help you reach your fitness goals. For those who are more advanced, you’ll have to spend a little cash to get more difficult poses and newer tunes.

iOS essentials

  • Facebook
    • Having this social media platform on your phone makes it so much easier to stay in touch and keep up with your family and friends.
  • Instagram
    • Another social media app that is all the range, still in 2018. Instagram allows you to share photos to the friends that follow your account.
  • Bitmoji
    • This app lets you spice up your texting conversations. You create a character that represents you by your physical appearance and style. The app calls this your Bitmoji, and it creates a ton of personal emojis you can send to friends through many messenger platforms.

Want help setting up your iPhone?

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